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Southern Exposure shawl

Southern Exposure

July 1, 2018

This design began with Countess Ablaze’s lemons to lemonade story about the distorted idea some businesses have about the value of unpaid “exposure,” bless their hearts. When I saw that she was inviting dyers and designers to create with her iconic If I Want Exposure, I’ll Get My Tits Out… Read more

Annotating your Stitchmastery Charts

March 27, 2018

Sometimes when designing, you want to separate design elements by a large block of repeated stitches. Unfortunately, that means that you need to count boxes in the grid to know where the next design element begins. This is where annotating your knitting chart comes in handy. This tutorial will help… Read more

Supplies gathered for garter tab cast-on

Seamless Garter Tab Cast-on (Without Tears)

February 20, 2018

One of the things I do regularly is scroll through knitting groups on social media to see what techniques or pattern wording knitters are struggling with. I then use this information to make my own patterns better and suggest things to help you make yours better too. Something I hear a… Read more