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Edgar Gauntlets

Once upon a midnight dreary

These gauntlets would have been handy to Mr. Poe while he was writing on that dreary night. Perhaps, if his hands had been warmer, he wouldn’t have been so gloomy.  Edgar is a wrist warmer reminiscent of lavish Victorian style that will fill that space between arm and sleeve. Perfect for keeping the hands and arms warm without hindering the use of your fingers.

Ribbing in wrist makes pattern fit a wide range of sizes. Suitable for most teens and adults (hand circumference 7 – 8 in/18 – 20 cm). The ribbing also allows you to wear the mitt higher or lower on the hand as desired.


Pattern is worked in the round from palm to wrist. Quick to knit for those last minute gifts. Skills required: small diameter knitting in round, single and double decreases, various increases, ribbing. Suitable for advanced beginner to intermediate knitters.





Belladonna Took

Belladonna Took, the mother of the famous hobbit Bilbo Baggins, tried ever-so-hard to be the straight-laced, respectable hobbit that she was expected to be, but her straight paths kept getting a little twisted by her sense of adventure. Just like the Belladonna Took who inspired it,  this sock is a straight-laced ribbing with just enough cable twists to keep life interesting.

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The Running Away Shawl

Rincewind, student of Unseen University in Ankh Morpork, is a Wizard of the highest order (if you count incompetence). His only real talent is escaping Death. When you are on the run from enemies, a shawl is a handy thing to have around. You can use it for warmth, shade, shelter, as a pillow, and as a place to hide if necessary. This one even has handy peep holes in the edging. The quick-to-knit pattern is great for knitting on the run.

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Friday Freebie – Linen Stitch Washcloth

Linen stitch is a quick and simple stitch that doesn’t curl like stockinette stitch.  It  produces a relatively thin but durable fabric that has a woven appearance that looks good on both sides. Today, I would like to share a simple washcloth pattern with you. The pattern is easy enough for the beginning knitter who is ready to try something besides garter stitch and a relaxing knit for more experienced knitters.  It is fun to work in two colors.

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Tabitha’s Kitchen

As the weather heats up, my thoughts go to foods I can prepare that don’t heat up the kitchen excessively.  This is recipe that I modified from Weight Watchers is perfect for light summer meals. It has quickly become a family favorite and a great way to get those extra veggies into your diet. The beauty of the recipe is that is easy to modify it to use those fresh-from-the-garden vegetables. I cook my own chickpeas but you can use canned ones on those nights when you are in a hurry.

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By the Sea

DSC_1356I love the seaside in early morning. The gentle lapping of waves, the soft, vibrant colors of sunrise, the squish of sand under my toes, and the intriguing shapes of shells washed up on the beach. This towel and wash cloth set was inspired by memories of quiet mornings by the sea. Knit in durable, soft cotton, the set will be equally suitable for the bath or kitchen.

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Freebie Friday – Simple Shawls Part II

Last week I shared some basic top down triangular shawl patterns that are quick-to-knit, easy to adapt to the yarn in your stash, and great for charity or gift knitting. Today, I will share two more.

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Friday Freebie – Easy Triangular Shawls

For years I have been making comfort shawls. It is one of my favorite ways to tell people that I care. I have tried lots of patterns but I keep coming back to the basic triangle. It is quick and easy to knit, is easy to adjust to the yarn you have on hand, and works with those yarns that don’t play nicely with other patterns.

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KAL Time


Summer is fast approaching here on Vulcan so my mind and fingers naturally gravitate toward lighter knits. Shawls are one of my favorite summer knits. With that in mind, I am hosting a summer shawl knit-along on my Ravelry group. There will be prizes, fun, and help with patterns. If you hurry, there is even a coupon code for a 20% discount on your pattern purchase. There will also be a completion prize for everyone who finishes their shawl before the end of the KAL. So, grab a sunhat, a soda, and your knitting, and join us as we knit the summer away.

Field of Daisies

My friend Daisy’s wedding inspired a search for floral lace motifs. This shawl is a byproduct of that search. It features a large, open daisy pattern at the top, giving you light but substantial coverage, and an ornate leaf edging that flutters when you walk. This versatile shawl can also be worn as a kerchief or scarf. It can easily go from casual to formal or anything in between. It is worked from a single large skein of sock yarn (~450 yd/411 m) so it is a great way to use that skein of luxury yarn that  has been in your stash begging to be cast on.

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