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Celebrate November Sale

November is a special month to me since it is the month that welcomed me into this world. It is also the month when I finally start seeing colors of fall and when my family celebrates Thanksgiving. So November is probably my favorite month. In celebration of all things November, I am offering a special Celebrate November discount on my individual patterns.

From now until 30 November 2013, selected Tabitha’s Heart patterns are being offered at a 40% discount.


  • Which patterns are included? Basically, any individual pattern that is priced $4.95 or above is included in the discount.
  • Which patterns are excluded? Patterns already priced under $4.95 and my pattern collections (Arwen’s Elven Accessories, Aragorn’s Traveling Accessories, and From My Heart Bath Set) are excluded.
  • What do I have to do to get the discount? Nothing. Well, technically, do you have to purchase a pattern but the discount will be applied to your cart automatically. No need for a coupon code.
  • Does this discount apply if I buy more than one pattern? Yes, every pattern you buy between now and the end of November will be discounted, whether you purchase several patterns at the same time or buy on different days.
  • Do gift purchases count? I think so. That is my intention, at least. But I’m not absolutely certain, since I can’t test the gifting system (oddly, Ravelry won’t let me buy my own patterns). So if you do purchase a pattern as a gift and the discount isn’t reflected in your total, just PM me through Ravelry or email me and I will refund you the amount of the discount, or give you a gift certificate for that amount, if you prefer, so you can buy something for yourself later.
  • May I share this information with my knitting friends? Absolutely! Feel free to share this with your friends. The more, the merrier.
  • What if I am not on Ravelry?  You may still purchase patterns through my website. I do use Ravelry for the checkout but that shouldn’t cause difficulties. However, if for some reason, you can’t get the purchase to go through, just email me with details of  the pattern(s) you want to purchase and I can set up an invoice and email the patterns directly.


The Blob That Ate My Adventure

So, I know we were planning to continue our Ladies Work-table adventure. And I have done some preliminary work, but the writing style of the book is so antiquated, it’s taking me a bit of effort to translate it into modern knitting terms. I haven’t given up on it; it’s just taking more concentration that I anticipated.

Along the way, my head ended up in the clouds (i.e. I got distracted by Nuvem). I was attracted to the pattern because it claimed to produce a shawl substantial enough to replace a cardigan. This really appealed to me because I really don’t like coats (unless I can have a lovely long trench coat like Doctor Who or Sherlock). I prefer a cape or shawl that I can toss on as I run to the car but then easily remove once I’m back indoors. Hopefully, this will be just the accessory I’ve been looking for.

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Tabitha’s Test Kitchen

In which tabitha tries desperately to replace worn out kitchen gadgets.


Who knew that getting a new can opener would be a difficult thing to do. I know I would be considered old-fashioned but I prefer hand-held manual can openers. For one thing, they are quieter and generally faster than their electric counterparts. They also take us less storage space, and most importantly, they don’t require electricity, which makes them handy in a power outage.  Read more

Studying the Map

“No one can look upon THE NEEDLE, without emotion; it is a constant companion throughout the pilgrimage of life.”

Before you begin any journey, you have to take time to prepare. It is important to collect the necessary supplies and to study the map (It’s best to make sure you understand all the symbols and runes).  You wouldn’t want to take a wrong turn in Albuquerque and end up hopelessly lost.

To read our knitting “map”, we have to determine a few things – when the book was written; where it was published;  its target audience.  These details can help us decipher the outdated text. In the case of The Ladies’ Work-Table Book, the book was published in New York in 1844 with young ladies being the target audience. From this information, we can assume that the patterns will use mostly US terms and measurements but the language will be quite formal, a bit flowery, and somewhat archaic – think Dickens or Austen.

With that in mind, let’s explore the materials and tools recommended for knitting and crochet.

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Vintage Adventures

Yes, I know. It has been a ridiculously long time since I did any blogging. I could make excuses or give you pages of explanations but I think I will spare you the gory details and simply say I wasn’t feeling well. Now, let’s move forward.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately thanks to the encouragement of the adult summer reading program at my local library. I do much of my reading on a Kindle now so I am constantly searching for inexpensive reading materials.

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Georgie Cowl & Hat

I have just released a new pattern that is great for those variegated yarns that you have in your stash that don’t want to cooperate with a stitch pattern. It is part of the Malabrigo Quickies program. This quick-to-knit moss stitch cowl and mitts is designed to match the Georgie Hat. The textured stitch makes this an excellent project for variegated yarns and responds well to thick and thin, handspun or single ply yarns like the ever-so-soft Malabrigo Silky Merino.

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Tuesday Tips-Stitch Marker Tricks

Over the years I have discovered some less conventional uses for stitch markers that can be real time savers and stress reducers. One of my favorites is to use them to avoid counting. When working with a pattern that requires you to do something in alternating intervals – like decrease every 4th row, increase every other row, or work a cable every 8th row –  it is easy for me to lose track of what row I am working. Enter the humble stitch marker. By connecting several together to form a chain, you have a quick row counter that will let you know when it is time to do that special something in your pattern.

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Get Ready

Here at Heart House, we are getting ready for what promises to be a very busy summer. The garden is planted and we should be picking the first fresh zucchini in a day or two. The  school work is winding down. And we are getting ready for lots of fun this summer – summer reading programs, field trips, 4H classes.

We will be participating in another tour of duty with Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps. The Heart household received many honors in the spring tour of duty. PBC was promoted to Lt. Commander and I have achieved the rank of Commander, though there may be another promotion in store for me soon. We both won medals for completing all 18 missions during the tour. And our ship, the USS Alpaca, won the title of Flagship for the next tour so we are excited to begin the Deep Space tour with that honor.

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Tuesday Tips – Blocking Hats

The last few weeks I have been talking about re-purposing ordinary household items as knitting tools. Using items from around the house instead of buying specialty equipment for every knitting task means I have more money for yarn. I the spirit of eco-friendliness, I thought I might share one of my favorite blocking tips.
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Tuesday Tips – Keeping Things Together

In my last Tips, I talked about unconventional storage solutions for knitters. This time I want to share another little storage tip with you. One that deals with having the right tools quickly available.  Read more