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Tabitha holding Spring Fancies Shawl

Tabitha is a homeschooling mom with a knitter’s soul.  From the first time she held yarn and needles in hand, she knew she had found her calling. When not doing the mom things, you can usually find her with a ball of wool and a pair of needles.  She started designing almost as soon as she learned to knit because her science background and nerdy nature make her love experimentation. Her favorite things to design are accessories which are great for gift giving. She has a secret mission is to convert everyone in the world into a lover of yarny things. She is also a knitting technical editor who she loves to help other designers polish their patterns into things of beauty and joy for the knitter. 

She also dabbles in yarn dyeing and making tools for knitters like project bags and stitch markers. She blogs about her life and knitting, though the knitting is infinitely more interesting than her rather simple life.  You can find her designs at her Ravelry store or her Etsy store.