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Handy Tools for Designing

Handy Tools for Designers (and knitters too).I have collected some tools from around the web that you may find helpful when you design.  Some have appeared in my newsletter, others have been in my bookmarks for ages. I thought is might be handy to have them all in one place for easy access. Click on the category bar to see the items for that topic. 

I will be adding new resources as I find them so check back often. If you find any that would be useful here, do let me know.  

Calculation tools

Arachne Sock Calculator

Armscye Calculator – Helps with working out or checking armhole math

Geometric Shape Calculator – Handy for checking dimensions on shawls, blankets, and wraps. 

Increase/Decrease Calculator – Calculates increase/decrease rate over a specific number of rows. 

Evenly Increase/Decrease Calculator 2 – Calculates increase/decrease evenly rate over a single row. 

Jimmy Beans’ Knitting Calculator – yardage estimator

Knitting Fool Sweater Wheel – basic math for drop sleeve, set-in sleeve, and top-down raglan sweaters

Love Knitting Unit and Yardage Conversion Calculators

Super Sock Calculator

Yardage Estimation Calculator – Calculates approximate yardage for rectangles

Yardage Calculator for New Gauge – Calculates yardage when you change stitch gauge on a pattern


Sizing Charts

General Sizing Charts




Size Grading Tools

Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit (great way to check feasibility of a design)

Cochinelle Design Studio Garment Designer (paid) 

Designing Set In Sleeves – Interweave article

Designing Set In Sleeves 1 – Knitty

Designing Set In Sleeves 2 – Knitty

Designing Set In Sleeves 3 – Knitty

Designing More Sleeves –  Knitty

Knitting grading rules

Kniterator Top Down Raglan Calculator 

Plus Size grading – Knitty article

Seedling Software Sweater Maker (paid)


Estimating Yarn Usage




Layout/Pattern Writing Tools
Reference Pages

Stitch Abbreviations and Definitions


Online Stitch Dictionaries


Stitch Pattern Resources


Shawl Design Tools