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Still clicking away

I am still loving my Indigo Ripples skirt. After two days of wear – including a trip to the doctor’s office where the youngest insisted on sitting in my lap, I am happy to report that it is the most comfortable article of clothing that I own with the possible exception of my slouchiest sweat pants. Fortunately, it looks SOO much better.

I started on a shell to wear with the skirt – Soliel in Victorian Pink Cotton Fleece – but I don’t think I am going to like the two pieces together even though I am going to adore this top.

Pink Soliel

I am also working diligently on a design for a pair of socks. I hope to have the finished socks ready to show you on Wednesday – so that I can count them as my SAM4 KAL socks for October as well as my Sockdown socks. Here’s hoping. After a couple of trips to the frog pond they are now moving along nicely.

Here is a sneak peak. Some of you may recognize this as the pair that was supposed to be Dublin Bay. However, the lace panel of the Dublin sparked another idea. You will have to wait to see any more.


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