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Tutorial – Knitting German Short Rows

The Truly Magical German Short Row   I have a confession to make. For years, I have tried to love short row heels and toes without success. I do not like wrapping stitches, I like picking up wraps even less, and I detest the holes that inevitably show at the points where I turned. I …

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6 sock options for Hold the Pickles

Hold the Pickles

A versatile sock with something for everyone In “ye olde” days, there was a burger chain that claimed you could “have it your way.” This sock pattern will let you “have it your way” too. Mix and match cuff, heel, toe, and even yarn weight to create a sock exactly your way. Though it sounds …

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Medusa Cascade shawl showing ruffled edging

Lace Rescue

The Afterthought Yarn Over One of the easiest mistakes to make when working lace is missing a yarn over. This easy-to-make error can not only affect the look of your work, it can also throw off the stitch count and cause subsequent rows to be improperly aligned. But the good news is there is a …

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Knitting Patterns intro

Medusa Cascade Reboot

I have been slowly refreshing my older patterns to bring the style more in line with my current one and to redo photography for those where the original shots are no longer available (can you say computer crash?). My latest update is Medusa Cascade Shawl. It was one of my more popular patterns despite the …

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Stitch Markers – Knitter’s Best Friend

Why you need them and how to use them We all see the cute stitch markers for sale on yarn websites and Etsy and we are drawn to collecting them for various reasons. But this simple item is one of the handiest tools for knitting since the invention of the knitting needle.  Here’s how you …

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