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Edgar Gauntlets

Once upon a midnight dreary

These gauntlets would have been handy to Mr. Poe while he was writing on that dreary night. Perhaps, if his hands had been warmer, he wouldn’t have been so gloomy.  Edgar is a wrist warmer reminiscent of lavish Victorian style that will fill that space between arm and sleeve. Perfect for keeping the hands and arms warm without hindering the use of your fingers.

Ribbing in wrist makes pattern fit a wide range of sizes. Suitable for most teens and adults (hand circumference 7 – 8 in/18 – 20 cm). The ribbing also allows you to wear the mitt higher or lower on the hand as desired.


Pattern is worked in the round from palm to wrist. Quick to knit for those last minute gifts. Skills required: small diameter knitting in round, single and double decreases, various increases, ribbing. Suitable for advanced beginner to intermediate knitters.



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